Q&A on Automatic Vacuums

For those that are considering buying some new technology for their home, it’s important to be informed. Perhaps you’re considering a robot vacuum cleaner for your office or your home space, and would like to know a little more about how it all works. Here’s a Q&A about vacuum cleaners.

How much square footage can a robot vacuum clean at once?

The truth is that they are not meant to clean large spaces. A small or medium sized apartment is ideal. Normally 2 or 3 average sized rooms are what they can clean without running out of battery. If you try and use it for many large rooms or spaces, it can burn out quickly.

Is it controlled by something?

Almost all units have built in sensors that will not allow them to get stuck. Some run completely on their own. Others have controls, and others even have smart phone apps that you can use to track and schedule cleaning. Some models and brands include cameras that can use infrared night vision to work at night. Others can be used almost like a security camera, that allows you to remotely see what is happening around your home.

Do they have different modes for cleaning?

Some units do, and others don’t. Some units have switches and settings, while others are made to cover just one type of floor. It really just depends on the model.

How does it recharge?

Most vacuum robots have built in rechargeable batteries. These are charged again at a charging station.

robot vacuum cleaner

Is a robotic vacuum cleaner right for me?

As mentioned before, if you plan on using it for a few rooms at a time, you are a great candidate. These vacuums are especially useful for those with physical handicaps who can’t vacuum manually, those that work a lot and don’t have time to clean.