How To Throw A Girl’s First Birthday Party

If you’ve had a little girl, it was without a doubt the most joyful day of your life. Now the anniversary of that day is approaching and you want to make sure that her first birthday party matches how excited you were to welcome her into this world. Not all birthday parties are created equally, so be sure to take the advice into consideration.

Many parents immediately want to have the party in a kids themed restaurant with a play area because they remember enjoying parties there when they were kids. The truth is that children won’t enjoy places like this until they’re at least three years old. All the other kids and the roughness of the place can be overwhelming and a one year old won’t be able to handle all the stimuli. Avoid play parks where your little girl could get hurt. She’ll likely be hiding in the girls pushchairs for sale the entire time.

Speaking of girls pushchairs for sale, a fieldtrip is a nice idea to celebrate the day with family only. Take her to a nature reserve or a petting zoo. She’ll love seeing the animals and this way there won’t be too many people you have to provide for.

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If you want to have a party, it’s best to do so at your own home. You can keep an eye on your daughter, she’ll be comfortable because she’s familiar with the place and if she gets cranky you can just take her to her room without any fuss and allow her to breastfeed or sleep. Once the cake is being eaten, there will be a lot of mess, so make sure she isn’t wearing any clothes that will stain easily.